13 Trophy Cups
porcelain, stoneware, 2010-13
  • No 1For shaving and combing his hair neatly before sitting for a portrait for his favouritе painter Mr. S.K
  • No 2For learning to swim upstream during his first training sessions in the river of his village  
  • No 3For saying to his boss Mr. V.B., a head of a sport committee, that he is a stupid idiot
  • No 4For trying to educate his mother-in-law in understanding art till her last days
  • No 5For devoting himself to his children after his career ended
  • No 6For saying that it is not so easy to bury one’s talent in the earth 
  • No 7For putting reproductions of the works from the futurist movement between the pages of a TV-program read by his mother-in-law
  • No 8For not letting his sport-colleagues to avoid his lectures on Beautiful
  • No 9For looking into the distance and doing nothing
  • No 10For saying that life is not a sports competition after he was pushed aside by his colleagues from his position as head coach
  • No 11For giving lectures on the history of art to his bedside neighbours in the hospital during his rehabilitation after a heart attack 
  • No 12For changing his original intention to train swimming champions and collecting paintings instead
  • No 13For having said once: forgive me, if I ever hurt you