Pieces With The Babbling Art. Crockery
porcelain | numbered edition , 2017
  • Saucer N2D 14cm • Owl: It must be a spectacular show to burn all arts… • Girl: Gosh! That would be an act of epic vandalism! • Cloud: Uh-Uh. It would rather look like a beautiful performance.
  • Saucer N4D 14cm • Kaikai: Then we think that contemporary radicals are nowadays sort of Neo-avangardists. • Kiki: Without even knowing it.
  • Saucer N5D 12cm • Explosion: From the ashes to the pharmacy.
  • Saucer N1D 14cm • Vulkan: I see no point in setting up sarcophagi • Bat: Yep, any hoarding of old things brings harm.
  • Saucer N3D 12cm • Explosion: Burning the path behind it.
  • Cup N1D 7cm • Orter: And I am not sure that this generation will lament the old manufactory. • Skater: Is it worth worrying about what is dead?
  • Cup N2D 9cm • Kalkai: Yep, some more items into sarcophagi collection. • Cloud: Fortunately instead of global burning of arts he just painted the black square.
  • Cup N4D 8cm • Horn: Contemporary life has invented crematoria for the dead, but each dead man is more alive than a weakly painted portrait. • Ape: And who knows what could come out of ashes… • Diamond: Life knows what it is doing, and if it is striving to destroy, one must not interfere
  • Cup N3D 9cm • Gilbert: All that avant-garde artists are capable of is to babble about how they’ll destroy beauty. • Projection: May those radical artists rest in pieces. • Girl: They just fade in comparison with those trendy fundamentalists who destroyed bash tapia and sculptures of Sedu.
  • Cup N5D 9cm • Bikini Girl: Our contemporary life should have as its slogan: “all that we have made is made for the crematorium.” • Balaclava: Imho, there always will be those who envy beauty. • PF-MSIR 30: Art ashes pill to feel beauty?
  • Tea potH 15 cm • Companion: I’ve heard they want to burn museums and arts to create an installation from the ashes. • Horn: Well, I see all signs of Avant-garde art here. • Grim Reaper: Then they’re not artists but prophets-firebugs
  • Tea potH 15 cm • Bat: Our path lies in space, and not in the suitcase of what has been outlived. • Black Creature: Any hoarding of old things brings harm. • Sleeping Lady: Oh, wake me up please. • Cloud: Our job is to always move toward what is new, not to live in museums. • Fountain: That fire shall ever be burning upon the altar.