Pieces With The Babbling Art. Plate N1
porcelain | numbered edition | D 30cm, 2017
  • Owl: One could feel more sorry about a screw breaking of than about the destruction of St. Basil’s Cathedral. • Lady On A Swing: Let the conservatives go to the provinces with their dead baggage—the depraved cupids of the former debauched houses of Rubens and the Greeks. • Black Square 1: Everyone has their own method to fight nostalgia. • Black Square 2: Imho, there always will be those who envy beauty. • Sleeping Man: And someone who is ready to overpaint a masterpiece. • Flying Head: Oh, that dust in the corners…
  • Amusing Pictures is ongoing series of “porcelain comics” which consist of a number of pieces depicting idyllic scenery filled with characters taken from a number of renown and important for me artworks. They talk to each other about radicalism in art and politics, a legitimation of conceptual violence of an artistic statement versus it’s actual destructive implementation. The dialogues are referring to Kasimir Malevich’s manifesto “On The Museums” written in 1915, which in face of today’s political and social turbulences gets very new connotations.