Amusing Pictures Tea Set
porcelain | numbered edition, 2017
  • Plate N1D 30cm • Owl: One could feel more sorry about a screw breaking of than about the destruction of St. Basil’s Cathedral. • Lady On A Swing: Let the conservatives go to the provinces with their dead baggage—the depraved cupids of the former debauched houses of Rubens and the Greeks. • Black Square 1: Everyone has their own method to fight nostalgia. • Black Square 2: Imho, there always will be those who envy beauty. • Sleeping Man: And someone who is ready to overpaint a masterpiece. • Flying Head: Oh, that dust in the corners…
  • Tray N135 x 27 cm • Sleeping man: Once I was asked: and what’s so bad about that radicals destroyed the sculpture of Sedu? We have a lot of copies of it in the museums and there probably a million of photos have been made. • Fame: As for me, I am attracted not by sculptures but by the fact of their destruction. • Companion: No-one needs sculptures I am afraid. Perhaps for scientific interest only? • Bat: Do we need old copies of clay towns, supported on the crutches of Greek columns? • Lying Man: Art, both great and wise, representing the episodes and faces of the wisest now lies buried by contemporary life.
  • Dish N130 x 20 cm • Orter: Look, they want to make a concession to the conservatives by offering that they burn all past epochs, since they are dead, and set up one pharmacy. • Bikini Girl 1: In burning a corpse we obtain one gram of powder: • Bikini Girl 2: Accordingly, thousands of graveyards could be accommodated on one chemist’s shelf. • PF-MSIR 30: What a practical approach! We can save so much space. • Figure and Ball: Tough how can we distinguish Piranesi from Malevich if everything we see would be just a grey powder?
  • Tray N233 x 25 cm • Flying Komarov 1: We can make a concession to the conservatives by offering that they burn all past epochs, since they are dead, and set up one pharmacy. • Flying Komarov 2: The aim will be the same, even if people will examine the powder from Rubens and all his art—a mass of ideas arise in people, and are often more alive than actual representation • Bat: (and take up less room). • Explosion: Still, I prefer Black Squares. • Bird: Those guys upstairs are nuts. They think they’re radical though actually they are swinging a fish on a rope. • Reclining Diana: I am tired of these adherents of art attacking beauty.
  • Tray N328 x 23 cm • Cloud: And if we do not have collections it will be easier to fly away with the whirlwind of life. • Bat: Yep, I agree. Do we need Rubens or the Cheops Pyramid? • Black Creature: Is a depraved Venus necessary to the pilot in the heights of our new comprehension? • Sleeping Lady: And who is the pilot? Would love to see him once. Has anyone ever seen him?
  • Saucer N2D 14cm • Owl: It must be a spectacular show to burn all arts… • Girl: Gosh! That would be an act of epic vandalism! • Cloud: Uh-Uh. It would rather look like a beautiful performance.
  • Saucer N4D 14cm • Kaikai: Then we think that contemporary radicals are nowadays sort of Neo-avangardists. • Kiki: Without even knowing it.
  • Saucer N5D 12cm • Explosion: From the ashes to the pharmacy.
  • Saucer N1D 14cm • Vulkan: I see no point in setting up sarcophagi • Bat: Yep, any hoarding of old things brings harm.
  • Saucer N3D 12cm • Explosion: Burning the path behind it.
  • Cup N1D 7cm • Orter: And I am not sure that this generation will lament the old manufactory. • Skater: Is it worth worrying about what is dead?
  • Cup N2D 9cm • Kalkai: Yep, some more items into sarcophagi collection. • Cloud: Fortunately instead of global burning of arts he just painted the black square.
  • Cup N4D 8cm • Horn: Contemporary life has invented crematoria for the dead, but each dead man is more alive than a weakly painted portrait. • Ape: And who knows what could come out of ashes… • Diamond: Life knows what it is doing, and if it is striving to destroy, one must not interfere
  • Cup N3D 9cm • Gilbert: All that avant-garde artists are capable of is to babble about how they’ll destroy beauty. • Projection: May those radical artists rest in pieces. • Girl: They just fade in comparison with those trendy fundamentalists who destroyed bash tapia and sculptures of Sedu.
  • Cup N5D 9cm • Bikini Girl: Our contemporary life should have as its slogan: “all that we have made is made for the crematorium.” • Balaclava: Imho, there always will be those who envy beauty. • PF-MSIR 30: Art ashes pill to feel beauty?
  • Tea potH 15 cm • Companion: I’ve heard they want to burn museums and arts to create an installation from the ashes. • Horn: Well, I see all signs of Avant-garde art here. • Grim Reaper: Then they’re not artists but prophets-firebugs
  • Tea potH 15 cm • Bat: Our path lies in space, and not in the suitcase of what has been outlived. • Black Creature: Any hoarding of old things brings harm. • Sleeping Lady: Oh, wake me up please. • Cloud: Our job is to always move toward what is new, not to live in museums. • Fountain: That fire shall ever be burning upon the altar.
  • Amusing Pictures is ongoing series of “porcelain comics” which consist of a number of pieces depicting idyllic scenery filled with characters taken from a number of renown and important for me artworks. They talk to each other about radicalism in art and politics, a legitimation of conceptual violence of an artistic statement versus it’s actual destructive implementation. The dialogues are referring to Kasimir Malevich’s manifesto “On The Museums” written in 1915, which in face of today’s political and social turbulences gets very new connotations.