Tea Set from Grandmother’s Treasures
porcelain, 2006
  • tea set No 1/24 commissioned by The Frozen Fountain
  • tea set No 21/24 commissioned by The Frozen Fountain
  • the tray, 63 x 37 cm
  • tea pot, H 20 cm
  • cups & saucers
  • sugar ball, H 12 cm
  • cookie plate, D 23 cm
  • Grandmother’s collection of porcelain was very eclectic. To be more precise, it was not a collection in a proper sense. Rather some randomly gathered together set of cups and saucers, plates and teapots. They were of various forms and styles and from different times and places… Some of them once were bought, some found, some presented and some – nobody knew anymore how they did get to Grandmother’s collection. These porcelain pieces maybe were not of great historical or artistic value, but for the Grandmother they were a great treasure: besides their obvious practical use they kept the memories of her past.

    So when some porcelain pieces went broken, the Grandmother tried to recreate them, simply by gluing the broken parts back. If certain parts were missing, the Grandmother glued together some still useful parts of one porcelain piece to some still useful parts of another one, which sometimes brought to being very weird combinations.

    In this way the Grandmother produced the whole series of her conceptual eclectic porcelain. This collection of recreated pieces was at the same moment a kind of melancholic effort to recreate the past out of certain memories and sensations.